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Orientation video for new Employees

Welcome to the Shark Anomaly Center 


SAC is a recognized world leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking sharks and studying their behavioural assets. 


Down at the SAC we house the most sophisticated laboratory paired with state-of the-art satellite and computer technology.  


We have a dedicated staff at our research center and also on location collecting the crucial data we need. 

I encourage you to get involved!


Together, we can make the future a brighter place for the generations of tomorrow. 

SAC is located on a 5,000 square acre natural preserve in Malibu, California. The SAC compound is a state of the art science research center. 

SAC Security Clearance

We take security very seriously and you will have to pass multiple checkpoints before access to the SAC is granted 

SAC 01 Research Ship

SAC View

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